I started drawing cartoons during middle school, drew from photographs in National Geographic magazines during high school, and by veterinary school I was even doing paid work illustrating for the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, WI. But I still never considered creating art full time or as any kind of living. Who does that? During a surgical rotation in my 4th year of vet school, one of our surgeons looked over my shoulder as I was creating anatomical drawings to study for boards... and within a day, he had me convinced to at least look into the possibility of medical illustration after obtaining my doctorate. Two years later, I was graduating from the Scientific Illustration program at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and starting my own illustration business. 

My passion for education, science, medicine and art came together in a career I never could have dreamed of prior to that surgeon's tap on the shoulder (thank you, Dr. Hardie), and I have been privileged to work with a diverse group of scientists, clinicians, researchers and educational institutions. 

Since having had my son, the focus now is realizing the long list of fine art goals I've had for years, while still continuing with occasional scientific and medical commissions. The scratchboard pet portraits allow me to connect with pet owners again in a way I haven’t been able to since the veterinary exam room, and honor the love they have for their animals.

Feel free to contact me with any commission inquiries. I am always open to establishing relationships with new clients. Thank you for visiting!